Rotator Link and PTP link #1
Posted on 8:03 pm 12/31/2021
The Rotator addon has officially been add to Nozeyadz.

this means that there is an official Rotatoin link for you to promote. The PTP link is still active. in order to prevent members from using bots to receive clicks...members will only be paid for promoting on the approved sites. Add your PTP or Rotator link on a PTC, Traffic Exchange or a PTC Wall and I will .add the specific site to the approved list. ANY FORM OF ROTATOR SITE WILL BE BANNED!!.

The earning per Rotator view have been increased to $0.20 per 1,000 views.
The PTP link is still $0.10 per 1,000 views.
Last edited by NozeyD on 3:46 am 01/02/2022
Re: Rotator Link and PTP link #2
Posted on 2:06 am 01/30/2022
Hello Admin!
I would have 1-2 questions and a problem too.
The first one is that I advertise my PTP link on 2 other ptc sites ... a good few people have watched my ad. However, here on your page, I still count 0 clicks and see $ 0 in revenue. Why?

The other one ... why isn't there a Membership on your site?
Re: Rotator Link and PTP link #3
Posted on 2:25 pm 01/30/2022
1. you will only get pai for promoting your link on the approved sites. If your hve no earnings from promoting your link then that means that your sites are not approved.
2. Nozeyadz is modeled after survey sites and not PTC sites. Most people would not join a site that hase upgrades and will label that site as a scam.
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